Showcase of Work

Check out our showcase below to get a look at some of our past projects and the capabilities our team members have to offer.

dragonfly gates
dragonfly gates
Aluminum Automated Driveway Gates
Sheet Metal Forming
Handrails / Guardrails
Steel Columns
Fraser River Fish Wheel
Fraser River Fish Wheel
Curb Machine
Steel Machine - LWS Manufacturing and Welding Ltd
Gravel Hopper
Concrete Mould
Concrete Mould
Truck Deck
Steel Structure
Steel and Structure Deliveries
Drying Rack
Warehouse Carts
Stainless Steel Perforated Cone
Stainless Steel Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Perforated Baskets
Stainless Steel Countertop
Steel Bin
Stainless Steel Food Grade Fittings, Tubing and Welding
Bike Rack
Stainless Steel Table
Stainless and Glass Railing
Trailer Mods
Stainless Steel Sanitary / Food Grade Fittings
control panel and valve cluster
pole bunks
hopper mods
hot dip galvanizing
driveway gate installation
low bed bumper
pole bunks
site work
stainless powder funnel
steel drain pan
stainless steel griddle
stainless steel handrail
stainless steel tank leg
steel flat deck
steel flat deck
grizzly bars/screener
wood splitter
electric charging stations
docks and ramps
steel driveway gates
aluminum dock
aluminum dock
steel gates
Person Access Gates
Stainless Steel Tables
Bucket and Blade RE & RE
Bucket Repairs
steel flat deck
cast iron repair
decorative business sign
Custom Stainless Steel Drain Grates
Custom Stainless Steel Drain Grates

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