How Heating Affects Metal

Metal Fabrication, Welding | December 5, 2023

In metal fabrication and welding, heat treatment plays a pivotal role in determining the quality and functionality of metal products. LWS Manufacturing & Welding recognizes the transformative power of heat on metal. That is why we have put together some information exploring how heating affects metal to provide expert insight into how it can influence the properties of these materials.

The Science of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment involves heating and cooling metals in a controlled manner to alter their physical and sometimes chemical properties. This process is essential for enhancing the metal’s performance in specific applications. For instance, it can increase toughness, improve strength, relieve stress, and induce hardness. The outcome depends on factors like temperature, cooling rate, and the metal’s composition.

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Altering Metal Structures

Metals consist of microscopic structures called grains, which change in size and shape when heated. These changes can significantly impact the metal’s properties. For example, heating steel to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it increases its hardness and strength.

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Enhancing Weldability

The weldability of a metal is its ability to be welded without becoming brittle or suffering from other defects, and it is greatly influenced by heating. Preheating, for instance, is a technique used to prepare metals for welding, reducing the cooling rate and minimizing the risk of cracking.

Improving Corrosion Resistance

Specific heat treatment processes can also improve a metal’s resistance to corrosion. For metals like aluminum, heat treatment can enhance protective oxide layers, increasing longevity, especially in harsh environments.

Tailored Heat Treatments for Optimal Performance

Every metal responds differently to heat, requiring tailored heat treatments to achieve the desired properties. The team at LWS Manufacturing & Welding possesses the expertise to determine the optimal treatment for each metal. We ensure that the final product performs as intended, whether a custom-fabricated component or a retail accessory.

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